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Top Amazon Suspension Myths - BUSTED!

Myth #1 – Suspensions Are Easier To Appeal Or Less Likely To Happen For Big Sellers We have worked with multiple sellers in the £10-15 million in revenue per year range alongside others in the £0-£50,000 range, and all were suspended and reinstated in the same way. Anyone accumulating item quality complaints is susceptible to an account review, which could, in the course of a manual investigation, lead to suspension. Having a high level of annual revenue may not make much of a difference even if you have an Account Manager. You may have someone still mapped to your account...

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Amazon Appeal Writing Guide

Firstly, if you have a lot of money at stake, or your English proficiency is less than perfect. We would strongly advise you use a professional account reinstatement service. BEWARE: Every appeal that is rejected, you will go to the back of the queue, and your chances of reinstatement are reduced. Your chances to appeal are limited! Below is a simple guide that covers the basics of course we can’t tell you every method our professional experts use, or every insider trick we have learned over the years. But this guide should be enough for you to give it a...

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Amazon Suspension Prevention Guide

Here are some key things every Amazon Seller should be doing. Stick to these and you should have a good chance of preventing your Amazon Seller Account from been suspended. Maintain excellent customer service, and follow the rules and you should hopefully never get the dreaded ‘Your Amazon Selling Privileges Have Been Removed’. Important Tips: Authorise returns, issue refunds or close return requests within 48 hours from the moment they’re received. Remember the customer is always right! Try and answer all messages within a few hours. Prevent bad order defect rate by shipping same day using tracking. Whenever you reject...

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