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Amazon Appeal Writing Guide

Firstly, if you have a lot of money at stake, or your English proficiency is less than perfect. We would strongly advise you use a professional account reinstatement service.

BEWARE: Every appeal that is rejected, you will go to the back of the queue, and your chances of reinstatement are reduced. Your chances to appeal are limited!

Below is a simple guide that covers the basics of course we can’t tell you every method our professional experts use, or every insider trick we have learned over the years. But this guide should be enough for you to give it a go for less serious suspensions.

1) How to format your plan of action

The format for your plan of action should be:

  1. A) What went wrong
  1. B) What we have done to fix the problems
  1. C) What we have done to prevent the problems from happening again in the future

(explain that what you did in "B" will keep the problems from recurring)

Now when I say "the format should be", I mean you really should use those lettered headings "A) What went wrong" and so forth.

When I say that in section C you should basically only say "The actions we took under #B will keep the problems from recurring," I mean it.

Use your own words of course, but all action items should be in B & C, preventing issues from happening in the future, should be a result of what you have done in B, and you should simply say that it will be.

2) What to include

Make sure that you address any and all issues Amazon had with your account. Make sure that your plan solves the problems they mention.

3) What NOT to include

This is even more important than #2. Don't include a bunch of extraneous verbiage. Don't talk about how wonderful you are, how wonderful Amazon is, or how sorry you are. Don't address problems that Amazon did not bring up. Stick to the facts -- here's what went wrong regarding what Amazon is asking about, here's how we have fixed the problems, and here's how we will keep those problems from recurring in the future. takes no responsibility for failed suspensions as a result of this guide. If you have any doubts we suggest you use a professional appeals service. Otherwise you may find your Amazon selling privileges removed… permanently!

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