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Amazon ASIN Appeal

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100% money-back guarantee

We offer a no hassle 100% money-back guarantee on this service. If you are eligible and we do not get your Amazon ASIN reinstated we will give you 100% of your money back. Please remember if a company cannot offer you any kind of guarantee or protection on your purchase, they are probably not the right company to deal with.

Legal fees too expensive?

We are here to help ease your stress and help solve your Amazon legal problems. We help Amazon sellers who are looking for an alternative low-cost approach to dealing with their Amazon legal affairs. The cuts to legal aid and the high price of private legal representation have left many sellers to face account issues alone. Let's fix the broken pieces together. A service built upon recommendations.

Blocked product listing (ASIN)?

Our team of experts can assist you with your Amazon product (ASIN) suspension.

Reasons for ASIN suspensions include.

  • Used item sold as new.
  • Counterfeit item.
  • Product safety complaints.
  • Listing do not match detail page.
  • Expired item.
  • Not as advertised.
  • Inauthentic item.
  • Right owner notice of infringement.
  • Selling prohibited Items.

How quick is the service and support priority?

We aim to prepare and initiate the appeal within 24 hours. Amazon typically respond within 1-3 days with a general reply / ASIN reinstatement notification. However please note during this time if you need your ASIN reactivated urgently we would always recommend choosing high support priority. By selecting to use our high support priority service your appeal will be dealt with first as a priority. You can select high priority processing using the drop down option at the top of the product page.

Feedback is good. But independent feedback is better!

That's why we use TrustSpot one of the largest and reputable independent customer feedback companies in the world.